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Funds to JMC and its jurisdiction

In fact, when any organisation grows in terms of size, jurisdiction, sharing added assignments , different roles and the like, it must have two most important factors quite favourable to give a satisfactory output. One- funds commensurate with the changed conditions and two- a reasonably working force. While both these factors are quite important , at the same time it hardly needs any elucidation that the working force must give the maximum output , supported by incentives for better performance and facing serious accountability consequences for work shirking . About funds, less said about it as its spending must be done very prudently , honestly and with utmost transparency. With this background, if we analyse the case of the JMC, with four newly formed wards having been added into its responsibilities, however, is plagued with funds shortage hence impairing the development process.
The other side of the story is that new responsibilities are also given to JMC like running Health Sub-centres, Primary Schools and Anganwadi Centres all under the provisions of the 74th amendment to the constitution as a result of abrogation of Article 370. We otherwise welcome this developmental move as we believe in more works – more responsibilities by comparatively fewer institutions with optimum apparatus which in local simple parlance can be termed as good governance at economical cost. With an appreciable number of 75 wards, an increase of the four new to the existing 71, more works pertaining to roads, lanes, drains, street lights, payment to vehicle owners lifting garbage besides issues of water and power especially in the new wards, due to inadequate allocation of funds, work suffers and so do the residents bringing bad name to the JMC. We, therefore, urge the authorities to look into the issue and allocate funds to the JMC commensurate with its requirements to allow smooth and satisfactory sail towards development of each and every ward.

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