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Comprehensive Industrial Policy


That the vexatious Article 370 had proved as a bane of and a hump in the progress and development of Jammu and Kashmir is gradually unfolding by initiation of various public centric schemes, infrastructure development schemes and even completing hundreds of languishing projects of much public importance mostly related to basic public needs of water supply , roads, bridges, power and the like. In this connection, pertinent to mention that most of these projects were in a pitiable limbo for a period ranging from 10 to 25 years which speaks of utter deficit of innovations, bold decisions , resolving public interest issues and the like during the said period. That could be referred to asdepicting a casual approach towards public issues by the successive State Governments. Union Home Minister, Amit Shah used the event of sharing views related to these issues while launching a web portal for New Industrial Policy of Jammu and Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir, primarily a tourism based part of the country, has progressively been encouraging small and medium industrial ventures and in both the divisions of the Union Territory , there are Industrial Complexes for the purpose where various items are produced . Not only are the entrepreneurs in hundreds engaged in the activity earning for themselves but are providing direct and indirect employment to thousands of people thus making this sector assume importance in its own extent .However, the need is not only to expand the industrial base without disturbing adversely the environment and keep it pollution freebut how to extend help to the entrepreneurs in various possible ways. Obviously, the prime aim being ensuring generation of lot of direct and indirect employment opportunities for giving a new , modern and latest technological oriented look to the industrial sector in the UT. For that to fructify concretely , unless administrative support was there on a broader spectrum , much could not be achieved hence a comprehensive Industrial Policy which should now attract investments on a large scale. Such investors, not only from the country but even from other countries, could applyfor the said purpose on-line and get enough information and support through this mode hence launching of the said portal by the Union Home Minister. On the face of it, the initiative may not initially look much in its peculiar utility but in the days to come with consistent and dedicated approach and depending upon how best could we sell the awaiting opportunities to prospective investors to invest to reap handsome dividends, its importance would be felt and benefitted there-from. The inflow of such investments would largely depend upon that approach and policy. Industrial sector in Jammu and Kashmir with numerous concessions, incentives, tax holidays, liberal bank credit and flexible repayment schedule and the like should be investors first preference to invest. Offering 300 percent of GST refund for 10 years, for instance, is by no means a mean incentive. What is required is proper monitoring which reportedly is being done on fortnightly basis. Let the New Policy and more of developmental programmes and flagship schemes take Jammu and Kashmir on to the path of Self Reliance or AtmaNirbharta and economic strength which in turn will further improve the standard of the living of the people.

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