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Friday September 03-2021
Aries : You are brimming with your creative instincts today, and will be eager to accept challenging tasks. Some benefits are on the cards at the office. But don’t forget to relax, says Ganesha, as your body frequently requires careful attention.
Taurus : This is one of those days when you are likely to misplace and lose valuable things, particularly money. Ganesha urges you not to indulge heavy gambling or blind speculation I quest of easy money. Have no doubt that you are most likely to lose whatever you wager and incur huge losses. Be careful. Don’t get carried away by impulses. Exercise self restraint. Good fortune will smile on you sooner than you imagine.
Gemini : You will be flooded with mental stress and worry today. You will have a hard time expressing your feelings and emotions today. You will feel nostalgic and will be flooded with memories, however, do not let your past cloud your present and your future, says Ganesha.
Cancer : An episode could upset you; so control your anger, suggests Ganesha. A slight hurdle on the job front. you may show interest in antiques.
Leo : The last you remember your soul mate was not a cross between Marquis de Sade and a Chinese politician, so it might be a little unnerving for you to come to terms with the authoritarian and dominating side of your partner, says Ganesha. Just remember that feeling offended is not the solution; what is really required is that you thrash out your individual differences for the sake of the larger interests of your family. Also, workplace pressure takes its toll on you and puts you at your wits’ end. Time to call in for some reinforcements, suggests Ganesha.
Virgo : Look before you leap. Ganesha warns that there may be trouble brewing for you and it may catch you unawares. You will be very upbeat at work, and you realise that your high spirits benefit your colleagues too. You may reserve the evening for a quite time with your family, reminiscing the happy times spent together in the past.
Libra : Ganesha says you should beware of small and petty issues that may crop up today and make you undergo mental stress. This is the time to meditate or do yoga and focus on improving your mental state of mind. Towards the evening you will get some sad news about a close relative which will trouble you but remember, no state of mind remains forever- after sadness there will be happiness following it.
Scorpio : Now is the time to hit the right note. As you are loaded with work, show your intelligence and try to win over your superiors and bosses. For all the businessmen, Ganesha advises to delay the bidding on sealed tenders if they are planning to do it today. The day is so hectic that you just want to relax in the evening.
Sagittarius : You juggle between your passion and profession today and try to strike a perfect balance between the two. You are ambitious and will let this know to the world through your work. During the end of the day, you will nurture your talent and passion and feel liberated, says Ganesha.
Capricorn : Normally, you cross every obstacle with courage and confidence, but today, you may stumble upon a small stone in your path. In a crunch situation, you will be forced to take risks. When you can’t do much about a situation, step aside and let fate take its course, advises Ganesha. You have been through tougher times than this, so keep your chin up and believe the powers of the Almighty. This too shall pass!
Aquarius : Time is money, and you need to understand it fast! Scrap your old schedules and plan new ones that work. Ganesha suggests that the good old planner will work wonders in organising your work. Remember the old adage? A stitch in time saves nine. So get going.
Pisces : For professionals as well as businessmen, today promises to be a progressive day. For those looking for new opportunities, interesting positions may be offered. You will have harmonious relations with your family, friends and co-workers. A progressive period for you begins from today, says Ganesha.

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