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Dumping of solid waste in Pulwama

Failing in providing the relevant information by the Deputy Commissioner Pulwama as sought by the High Court has resulted in not only seeking his personal appearance before the court but also in imposing a penalty. Dumping of solid waste may look to some of being just not of much importance but the fact of the matter being that wavering from the strict regulation in it causing damage to the environment and jeopardizing the health of the people of nearby localities cannot be taken lightly. Environment Protection Act 1986 and Solid Waste Management Rules of 2016 under which all local bodies/ agencies concerned are required to take appropriate action for the disposal and the treatment of the solid waste must be strictly enforced. The fact of the matter is that 90 kanals of land at Lethpora in Pulwama Kashmir having been duly earmarked for the solid waste management project, solid waste is dumped here and there on the other side of the said demarcated land thus defeating the very purpose of identifying the concerned 90 Kanals for the purpose . In this connection, in June last, the Bench of the Court had sought information in this regard which having not been submitted was taken seriously by the court hence personal appearance of the DC and the penalty of Rs.10000 to be deposited on the day the next hearing on September 15. It is to be noted that solid waste has got to be managed scientifically with no deviations all in the interests of the pollution free environment and the general health of the people. Stringent laws coupled with strict enforcement thereof must, therefore, be respected and duly regarded.

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