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Expedite approvals for IT towers

Jammu and Kashmir having enough money and resources to give a fillip to the Information and Technology sector, deadlines, as such, having been set for completion of IT towers at Srinagar and Jammu are nowhere to be seen as necessary approvals have not been given by the concerned authorities so far thus drawing an antagonistic approach to the issue. It seems quite interesting that while only last year, a whopping amount of Rs.156 crore was provided with intent to make investment for encouraging flowing in of digital technology in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir, an area in which despite necessary available talent, zeal, enthusiasm, scope and substantially need oriented, still it continues to lag behind in the race, on comparative analysis with many states across the country. Not only does such a divergent approach fountaining from the same Governmental apparatus cause humps in otherwise accruable benefits from Information Technology and reforms there-fromhelping start-ups, creating employment opportunities, ensuring economic growth, creating conducive environment for accelerating business and domestic investments besides as usual- the speed, accuracy, transparency, maintaining foolproof records and easy retrievals – but those ”Players” associated with it start lacking an eagerness to show interest in the plans of the Government with regard to bringing in reforms in the IT sector. Once the “signals” travel about the element of indecisiveness, it wreaks its own havoc in more than one form. It may not look entirely out of the box to suggest that not only for the public convenience etc, a single window concept for getting administrative approvals speedily is necessary but for the Government too to introduce a system somewhat akin to ‘single window system’ to ensure speedy decision making, according approvals, modifying or even rejecting but not keeping issues pending, has become increasingly paramount. Keeping things pending and taking no decision is nothing but a deficit of confidence about its impact, if not fall-out as also in terms of the quantum of risk factor associated with each and every critical decision making process. Making decisions do have elements of risk factor but it is the efficiency and confidence of the decision making authority which keeps this factor at the barest possible minimum with no adverse impact at all. Delays at all the levels in the hierarchy of administration in decision making process may be avoided at all costs where such delays cause loss of time, result in topsy turviness of aims of relevant planning, sprouting of cost escalations and setting in motion delayed or even doubtful results. To bring home the point in a simple way in that while National Building Construction Company (NBCC) is waiting in wings to execute the project in accordance with the MoU signed with the Jammu and Kashmir IT Infrastructure Development Company, on the other hand the delays at administrative levels is upsetting the entire apple cart. Why is this all happening and who in fact is responsible must be explicitly known – maybe there were some cogent reasons and ”convincing” logic to hold back. Usually, one of the biggest hurdles in smooth sale in the process of construction of projects is the land acquiring, if that being an integral part of the project but in the instant case, if anything done fast has unbelievably been transferring of land required for the purpose but despite the deadline fixed by the Lt. Governor, as many as eight long months having already gone since then, nothing concrete has been done till now. NBCC having done its ”homework” professionally and “shown” too, or submitted the relevant documents to J&K IT Infrastructure Development Corporation, still approvals are not forthcoming. Now, as we have been expressing the fears about the element of cost escalation creeping into the system of delays and deferments, while cost of each IT tower fixed is at Rs.50 crore, possibilities of increase in the cost cannot be ruled out should this red-tape not be totally discouraged. We expect that the process of erection of IT towers would now soon be started with full speed to make good the loss of eight long wasted mont

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