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Comb Types and How to Use Them on Your Hair Type

Styling your hair is never a dull task when you have plenty of hair styling tools stacked up together. One such tool to pamper your hair is a comb or hair Brush! Whether it’s about preparing your hair for an updo, pumping up those natural waves, or just detangling your stubborn knots, a comb will do it all.

When styling your hair, using the correct type of comb or hairbrush is essential. Unfortunately, not all combs and brushes are similar, so you need a suitable hairstyling tool depending on your hair’s texture and thickness. There is a wide variety of combs to choose from, each with unique benefits and features. Still, there is an ideal comb or hairbrush for every hair type and occasion.

What is the purpose of a comb?

You can have the most expensive shampoo and serums. Still, they will be useless unless you have a compatible hairbrush or comb on hand. The type of hairbrush or comb you use can also impact the health of your hair. Furthermore, different comb types have different shapes, teeth, and bristle placements for serving other purposes.

Purchase the appropriate comb or hairbrush for your hair type from any e-commerce website or your local cosmetic shop.

Benefits of combing your hair

The bloodstream feeds hair, and when you comb your hair through your scalp, you encourage blood to rise to the surface, causing microcirculation. It brings with it more oxygen and nutrients, nourishing the hair roots and promoting hair growth.

Now, the most commonly asked question: ‘Which comb should I pick up from the cosmetic shop near me to suit my hair type?’ Find the answer through this article.

Different varieties of comb

Most of you out there are clueless that there are types beyond the ordinary comb. So here’s unravelling the different kinds of combs and hairbrushes to tame your knotty hair.

Paddle Brush –The quickest way to detangle hair – wet or dry – is to use a paddle brush. You can use its flat, rectangular base and wide-spaced teeth to section your hair and move a dryer over a brush.

Round Hair Brush – Seeking subtle waves and curls with an enviable volume? The round hairbrush should be your ideal pick. The thicker the brush, the more volume you can achieve. Wrap the sections of hair around the bristles during your regular blow-dry session to achieve the beautiful and effortless bouncy locks you desire.

Wide Tooth Comb – If you’ve got curly hair, this fantastic comb is a blessing you didn’t know you needed. These combs don’t break your hair strands while detangling them. Instead, since they are less invasive, they allow the curls to retain their bounce and massage the scalp, reducing hair loss and assuring a frizz-free result.

Fine Tooth Comb – The teeth are closely positioned together in this comb, allowing you to brush your hair with precision. It’s not ideal for people with thick hair since it may be adequate for the tresses. Avoid using it on strong, thick hair since it can break easily. You may even end up losing hair due to the strain.

Wooden Comb – Did you know that natural wooden fibres in a wooden comb work great at conditioning your hair? Besides, wooden combs can glide through smoothly without wrestling your hair strands. It comes with a comfortable grip and wide teeth that quickly untangle rigid hair knots. In addition, the pure Neem wood build imparts medicinal properties to help control hair loss and dandruff.

Lice Comb, which rakes through the scalp and hair, helps drive out the nasties. It features a row each of closely and widely spaced teeth to locate lice and dislodge them. Apart from this, the rounded tips of the lice comb can protect the scalp from damage. Furthermore, it allows you to focus solely on drawing out the lice from your scalp.

Detangle Brush – Brushing your hair need not be traumatic. The bristles in a detangling brush help gently separate the strands before removing the knots. Its firm-flex teeth run effortlessly through wet hair (can be used in the shower to distribute conditioner thoroughly along the lengths of your hair) with minimal pulling and breaking.

Tail Comb – Don’t be deceived by the tiny and frail figure of the tail comb. It can help you nail that complicated hairdo like a pro. In addition, you can use the rat tail part of the comb for flawless partitioning and sectioning to ensure a smooth styling experience.

Scalp Massage Brush stimulates follicles, boost blood circulation and buff away dead skin cells. It can reach out to the neglected areas of your scalp and exfoliate the pores, and massage. In addition, it comes with a cute and easy-to-use grip for better control.

Vented Brush – The vented brush is designed with ample space between bristles to allow airflow from the dryer to circulate quickly. It helps in imparting volume to hair and makes it appear fuller.

Back Combing Brush – You don’t like it when the crown of your hair appears flat and refuses to rise. That is where the backcomb comes into play, lifting your hair and giving it a puffed-up appearance. You can also use it to tame unruly hair and achieve a polished hairdo. So, the next time you want to add some oomph to your mane, pull out the backcomb.

Barber Combs, as the name suggests, are a tool for barbers and hair professionals. They come in both wide-tooth and fine-tooth designs that protect your scalp from potential damage. It is easily available in any beauty supply store near you.

All-purpose combs are ideal for all genders. With a sturdy design, these types of combs can style both thick and thin hair effectively. So, whether you want a quick fix or a consistently stylish look, the All-Purpose Comb is as versatile as its name implies.

So, invest in your hair in the right way; it’s the crown you never take off!

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